Flint police are asking for any help from the community as they search for a missing pastor from the area.

Sam Lassiter II, 72, has been missing for roughly two months. He is the Pastor of Lighthouse Spirit of God Non-Denominational Church which is located on Mabel Avenue in Flint.

Sam Lassiter II is 6’0” and 236 lbs. He has blue eyes and gray hair and might be wearing glasses. It's believed that Lassiter could possibly have dementia.

Unfortunately, it is unknown as to what he was wearing at the time of his disappearance. It is also unknown of his last whereabouts or in what location or direction he was headed. Were not even sure at this point, if he took off in a vehicle.

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If you have any information or know of his whereabouts, please contact Officer D. Williams at 810-237-6821 and reference C#22-23891.

Sam Lassiter Facebook
Sam Lassiter Facebook

I'm not sure why there so little information on this man. I was able to find him on Facebook where he has two accounts but hasn't posted on there in quite some time.

Aside from being a pastor of Lighthouse Spirit of God Non-Denominational Church in Flint, he also worked at Teen Ranch Foundation in Marlette. His Facebook page said he worked their in 2019, but it's not clear if he was still working there when he disappeared.

It's pretty sad to think of what might of happened to him especially if he suffers from dementia. I would hate to think that he got confused and lost in the middle of winter somewhere.

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