It's 2012 and while we don't have a robot police force like the movies of our youth promised, now we have a high tech way to help fight and report crime, the internet. Check out the details on the online system for reporting crime that Flint police hope to launch soon.


In the past, filing a non-emergency police report could take hours, or even days for residents of Flint, thanks to workforce cutbacks at police stations and the high volume of crime in the city.  Now, an online system is ready to launch in June, allowing residents to file minor crime reports via the internet.

The program will deal with non-emergency cases, such as vandalism and larceny, and allow residents to report crimes using a city maintained website.  Police will be able to review cases with out sending officers out, and residents will be able to obtain a case number immediately.

The program is called CopLogic and looks for trends in crime, helping police see patterns and predict future crime.  Once launched, the program will be accessible at