A Michigan State Trooper of the Flint post was recently injured as he served with the U.S. Army Reserve in Afghanistan.  Check out the details of Henderson native and American hero, Sgt. Platt Weinrick.

Sgt. Platt Weinrick of the Michigan State Troopers and Henderson, Michigan was helping train Afghanistan police when his base was attacked on Tuesday.  During the attack, Sgt. Weinrick was administering first aid to his fellow soldiers when he was hit on the left side of his head.

According to his wife, Sgt. Weinrick has lost his left eye and has shrapnel stuck in his skull, but luckily has avoided serious brain damage.  Sgt. Weinrick is being treated in Germany and is expected to be back in the United States soon.

The sacrifice of our Armed Forces makes is immeasurable and the stories of local heroes Sgt. Weinrick, Sgt. Travis Mills, and Sgt. Joseph Lilly are a reminder of the debt we owe those who serve.  If you're looking for a way to give back, Banana's parent company runs a great charity for troops and their families at TownsquareCares.com.

Source: ABC12

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