The story of Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills would be enough to make most people throw the towel in and be bitter for the rest of their lives.  Travis Mills isn't most people though.  Check out the video this Vassar native made for all the people supporting him and his family.

Vassar native, family man, and American hero Travis Mills was in his third tour of Afghanistan when an IED exploded, leaving Mills as the fourth surviving quadruple amputee in U.S. Military history.  Mills has since returned back the States,is receiving some the best care available, and will be receiving a custom built home, to help his family with the challenges they will face.  His wife, daughter, and family are all with him, and they have reported Mills is facing these injuries with the same positive, never say quit, attitude he has exhibited throughout his life.

Now Mills has released a video, to show his progress and thank his supporters.  There are numerous fund raising events throughout the local area, and you can keep up to date with the Mills story at