At the moment, Pirate's Park in Flint Township looks like a scene out of 'I Am Legend' or any other post-apocalyptic movie. That could all change if officials in Flint Township get their $1.5 million Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant to purchase the property and reopen it.

Back in the 80s and 90s Pirate's Park had a huge waterslide known as the Typhoon, batting cages, putt-putt golf, go-karts, an arcade and a few other attractions. Personally, I never went there growing up but I've heard a lot about it especially from Banana 101.5's Tree who shared an interesting story about "what the park looks like today" a few months back.

According to ABC12 and Randall Stewart, who manages building development in Flint Township ,  some of the potential things, would be to reopen the water slide, if it's still usable, possibly take out the putt-putt and put in something, perhaps an amphitheater, and a possible beach.

If they get the grant, the park could reopen in late 2019.

I remember hearing about some developer that was approved to build a hotel a few years back but I'm not sure whatever happened to that.

I'm for anything new that brings something positive to Flint, I just hope they don't call it Flint Township Park like they're considering. I think they could come up with something a little more clever than that.


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