man pushes his girlfriend in wheelbarrow in the garden
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A man in Florida has taken Adam and Eve's philosophy of the Garden of Eden and being nude to a whole nother level.

Residents in Marion County subdivision in Flordia have recently voiced their opinion on a resident who loves to do his yard work and gardening in the nude. Yup, nothing but his birthday suit. Can you imagine taking out your trash and seeing your next door neighbor butt ass naked while mowing the lawn? No thanks.

Authorities have advised the residents that if the man is not touching himself inappropriately and is in his own yard there is nothing that they could do. What? Are you serious?

At least have some decency to put on some underwear for the kids in the neighborhood or something. I understand that maybe their way of life but common now. The man told the local news station that he and his family are private people. If they are private, then put those privates away. Only in Flordia. Well, maybe Ohio as well. Lol


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