I am a pop culture junkie. I've been putting in the man-hours so you dont have to sort through a bunch of crap to find out what kind of badassery you have coming at you in 2011. I've listed the 5 most exciting  video games due next year and will post them each throughout the rest of the month. Read after the jump for more on 'Back To The Future: The Game".

Now let me put this right out on front street; I'm not an Xbox guy, a PC gamer, or an RPG fan. So if you want to read about Final Fantasy, Halo, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, go somewhere else. That being said...

#5. Back To The Future: The Game: This game was a last minute addition to the list and looks like it could actually make up for the terrible 8 bit Nintendo game from the 80's. The trailer (which can be seen below) doesn't show any actual gameplay but as long as you're not running around Hill Valley collecting stopwatches this time around, count me in. I've always loved the movies (who doesn't?) and this is probably as close as we will get to an official sequel. You know they would make one if Michael J. Fox were up to it, but instead we will probably have to see a terrible reboot with Zac Efron as Marty McFly. Thank God for video games!

Now we get an official episodic sequel that we can interact with. I love that the preview takes place 7 months after the events of the first movie and McFly is wearing the same outfit. The plot sounds awesome complete with trips to the gangster ass 30's, alternate 1986, and the future. The story is a collaboration with the original trilogies' co-creator/co-writer Bob Gale (and Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown!). The game will be released in 5 downloadable episodes starting 12/22 on Playstation Network, PC, and ipad as well. I just hope the gameplay is as cool as the trailer looks and it isn't a glorified puzzle game. Get ready to throw on some Huey Lewis and get back in time, bitches! Check out the trailer below and if you want to see how terrible the original was, hit up James the Angry Video Game Nerd.