A 34-year-old paramedic in Genesee County was recently arrested after he allegedly tampered with patient's morphine vials.

Eric Stanke, who works for MMR, was arrested by the Genesee County Sheriff's Office on four felony drug charges. Investigators say he allegedly tampered with the morphine vials of around 90 patients in the last year. Sheriff Robert Pickell said that in one case only 4 milligrams of the 10-milligram vial was given to the patient. Stanke administered the rest to himself.

The pharmacy director at McLaren Flint hospital was the first to notice something wrong. When one of the vials didn't look, a complete drug audit was ordered. It is alleged that Stanke would refill the vials with saline and then use super glue to seal them.

Stanke was arraigned for the charges and released on a $30,000 bond. He is now on administrative leave from MMR. I'm just glad no one was hurt or mistreated during all of this.

Source: ABC 12