For 50 years now the Genesee County Parks have been entertaining families and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the area. In 1968 the first Master Plan was completed. 

Back in 1960, the idea for the Genesee Recreation Area was added into the Master Plan that the City of Flint adopted. However, the idea really didn't start rolling until 1964 when Charles Stewart Mott took action and tried to move it forward. Once he did that, the acquisition of the land started.

Now, the Genesee County Parks are celebrating their golden anniversary. You can celebrate the anniversary also with a number of different programs and activities. They've got it all. Crossroads Village, Huckleberry Railroad, For-Mar Nature Preserve, Wolverine Campgrounds, The Mounds, and more. Even this weekend you can pack up the kids and head to For-Mar Nature Preserve to catch Superheroes To Parks Day. Be sure to stop by and check out the awesome tree house from noon to 4 pm too.

Spend some time at the parks this summer by getting all the details here. 

Source: Genesee County Parks