Gibson Guitars have started rolling out the press on their newest axe, the Gibson Firebird X. This thing is badass for sure! Not only does it tune itself but it also has special effects like distortion, delay, reverb, and 52 others built in.

For years I struggled with keeping my guitar in tune while on stage, now that finally I'm experienced enough to correct the problem rather quickly -- Gibson created a guitar that will fix that for you. I'm not too burned up about it though, I couldn't afford one anyway.

In addition to the revolutionary 'robo-tune' feature, the guitar comes stock with 55 effects that you control with a volume-style knob and pickup-selector style switch. Gibson has also developed the guitar to accept 3rd party hardware and applications, just imagine the possibilities.

The Gibson Firebird X is stocked full of awesome features, but is it too much for guitar purists? Does computerizing those elements make it cheating to use one? There is really no definitive answer to these questions and there is really only one way to find out -- by playing it. Unless Gibson sends me one to review (wink, wink), I probably will never know. The Gibson Firebird X will carry a price tag of $5,700 when it launches September 30th, which falls just outside of my $20 a week of disposable income.

Check out this revolutionary piece of equipment