This may sound like a problem for Viagra, but the people at Gibson project that they will run out of wood to make guitars (as we know them) within the next 10 years. Guess that means us guitarist should start stocking up on axes before we get stuck playing a plastic Walmart guitar.

A guitarist's worst nightmare is coming true according to Gibson Chief Exec Henry Juszkiewicz: guitar makers are running out of quality wood for guitars. Juszkiewicz toll The Independent:

"The true wood guitar is disappearing quickly. We need to act now because it just won't be around in 10 years."

The statement was made in reference to the rampant deforestation in our country, which according to Rock News Desk is the subject of a new documentary called 'Musicwood'. The doc will show reps from Gibson, Fender, Martin and Taylor guitars working in conjunction with Greenpeace to try and persuade loggers to scale back their efforts.

Despite how awesome guitars are, don't you have to cut down trees to make them? Either way: SAVE THE GUITARS!

Here is the trailer for the upcoming documentary Musicwood

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