Gibson Guitar recently conducted a web poll on "Top Metal Song Of All Time".  See if your favorite(s) made the list!

Metallica takes the number one spot!

Gibson Guitar's Top Metal Songs Of All Time

  1. Metallica "Master Of Puppets"
  2. Motorhead "Ace Of Spades"
  3. Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"
  4. Black Sabbath "Iron Man"
  5. Iron Maiden "The Number Of The Beast"
  6. Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
  7. Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
  8. Metallica "One"
  9. Iron Maiden "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
  10. Judas Priest "Breaking The Law"

Do you agree with the list?  Any song(s) you think should of made it on?