Now this sounds like something that would happen in Flint right after the wedding reception at Chuck E. Cheese, however this story comes straight from Iowa.  According to the Des Moines Register, the groom had a bit too much to drink.  While the wedding party was dancing, the bride started dancing with on of the groomsmen in the party which sent the groom overboard. 

The groom then shoved the man, knocking him into a ceramic column and an off-duty police officer attending the wedding. The cop called for back up and then arrested the groom after a brief scuffle. Ten bucks says the groomsman was an ex of the bride and the cop was her uncle.  Something tells me thanksgiving dinner is going to suck for these newly weds.

I picture Maggie Meadows wedding going just about the same way.  Now that we are all in the mood for crazy weddings, enjoy one of the best scenes from "The Wedding Singer"!