Have you ever gone through a fast food drive-thru and either don't have enough money to pay for it or forgot your wallet? I have before.

Anthony Gallager, 23, of Port Lucie, Florida went to his local McDonald's around 2 a.m on Sunday to grab some food and then discovered that he didn't have his wallet. So he decided to take a different approach to get his food. He offered the worker a bag of weed to pay for his meal. When you have the munchies, you got the munchies. LOL. When the worker declined the offer he drove off and the police were called.

When the police showed up to the McDonald's the worker gave a description of the car that Gallager was driving and guess who came rolling back through the drive-thru? I'll give you one guess. Gallager then was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana under 20 grams and DUI.

It is still unclear what Gallager ordered but I'm sure it included fries and a large coke.

Source: TCPalm.com

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