If you get hair in your food at a restaurant, what is proper compensation?

This has happened to me unfortunately on numerous occasions. I have been offered new food, my money back, and most recently a dollar off of my tab. Are you kidding me, $1.00 off?

This latest hair incident happened this past Saturday. I will not name the place, but as you can imagine - I will never go there again. It was actually my boyfriend Nick who found not one, but two pieces of hair in his food. He immediately stopped eating the meal, and we did inform our server.

After what seemed like an eternity, another employee came back with our bill. It appeared we had still been charged full price (even though Nick did not finish his meal). I called the woman back over to look at the check, she said 'Oh, it looks like they took a dollar off of the total.' Gee thanks.

I don't know what the real win would have been in this situation. Chances are if Nick found 2 hairs, he ate two hairs already. Ugh. Even half off his meal would have been acceptable. My question to you again is this - what is proper compensation?

I am especially interested in hearing from those of you who work in the food business.




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