Police are investigating after photos of a man gripping his daughter's hair onto a Walmart shopping cart surfaced on social media.

Erika Burch and husband Robert were shopping at Walmart in Cleveland, Texas when they noticed a man dragging his little girl by her hair. Erika overheard the girl saying, "Please stop. I promise I won't do it again. Please stop!" It was at that moment she decided to take several photos of the man and girl.

Erika Burch said she told the man to let go of the girl's hair, but he told her to mind her own business.

Here's what she posted to Facebook:

There's no doubt the dude could totally kick my ass but there's no way I would be able to keep my mouth shut. I agree that this man has the right to discipline his daughter and it's no one elses business but this isn't how you discipline a child.

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