More often than not, we order out for lunch. Tony LaBrie, Andrea Love, Chris Monroe and I will order from the same place. Who finds hair in their food? ME!

Before I go any further, I assure you - the hair is not mine. Just this past Monday I found 2 hairs in a salad I purchased from a local grocery store. The hairs were black, my hair is red. A month ago, for two days in a row, I found hair in my lunch from two different restaurants. Two days in a row! WTF are the  chances? If you find a hair(s) in your food do you continue to eat it? I will not. Once I find a hair - I am done with the food and forever done with the business it came from.

Andrea Love is the same way. Tony LaBrie - not so much. Tony will remove the hair and continue eating the food. According to LaBrie, 'We all eat so much crap we don't know about daily, what's the big deal?' When I asked Chris Monroe if he would continue to eat hairy food, he said yes (he will also smoke a cigarette butt off of the ground covered in mud, spit and hair). Now what to order for lunch today? I am thinking something low calorie and hair free.

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