It was sweet to see how many people dressed up in stellar costumes for this show, and all of the bands did a killer job. 

I was pumped when I found out about the show, because I love costumes and don't think we should have to wait until October to wear them. Also, it was another night of people showing up and proving that the local music scene is not dead, in fact it's just the opposite. Some of the costumes were so extravagant that it blew my mind. That means these people are all about the costumes, as there are no Halloween stores open this time of year to run out and buy some overpriced, flimsy costume. Mercy Beach slayed and I was delighted by the addition of their new flutist. Thundergrater went dressed as Plethora for their costume, which was hilarious. Lords Of October released their new CD that night. Death Of The Party brought an energy that only they can, and Crimson Highway impressed a lot of people with this being the first show that they have ever played! The Exit 13 Haunted House crew was there with all their spookiness along with many other vendors selling unique art of all kinds. Jeff Swerdan of VernaJune Entertainment was there to take photos and video of the fun. All in all, it was a really cool show, and I must give a special shout out to Dustin James of 711 Entertainment for his dedication to the local artists and The Machine Shop. Check out some of the photos that from the night below (courtesy of 711 and VernaJune). Annnnnd, on top of that, I pulled together a last minute ninja costume, and you can check out a video of my goofy ass showing off my ninja-ing skills in the video from my Instagram page.

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