We may get wet on the course, but at least we'll have dollar beers.

Tonight, the Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League completes our second trip around all 27 holes at Swartz Creek Golf Course. Stop out and see us for dollar beers and great people to meet!

Even though the weather is looking a little dicey for this afternoon, we still plan on taking over Swartz Creek Golf Course and Deno's Shot of the Day Bar & Grill. Looking back at the last nine years of the Bad Golfers League, some of the best nights that created some of my favorite memories with everyone were caused by crazy weather. From turning the practice green into a slip and slide to chilling with teams on the course while waiting for the rain to pass, we always have a blast so come hang with us!

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After five solid weeks of play, here are the current standings of the Bad Golfers League:

  • 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: L&L
    • Second Place: Shak Attack
    • Third Place: We're Just Here to Drink
  • Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Chicks with Sticks
    • Second Place: Fore Horsemen
    • Third Place: No Lay Up
  • Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Beers & Bogeys
    • Second Place: Raison Hell & Thunder Sticks (tie)
    • Third Place: Two Chicks
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Pass the Green
    • Second Place: Balls Deep
    • Third Place: J&J & Stuff the Hole! (tie)

The beers will be cold, the language will be foul, the weather will be iffy, and the golf will be bad...how could this possibly go wrong? We will see you tonight! Cheers!

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