The Holly Police Department is taking another step in serving the community.

The Holly Police Department is now doing what it can to help struggling families keep food on the table in their community. Now those in need and struggling because of the pandemic can rest easy knowing that there is a place to get food for their families if they need it. The help comes in the form of a refrigerator just outside of the department's lobby.

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Where is the food coming from?

Area organizations and churches like First Baptist Church of Holly, Forgotten Harvest, and others are the ones that have been supplying the Holly Police Department with the food for the pantry. When these organizations have food leftover from their giveaways, they will drop it off at the department so those who couldn't make it to those locations still have a chance to get help.

What is in the Holly PD food pantry refrigerator?

The food pantry refrigerator, located just outside of the department lobby, is regularly stock with many items a struggling family would need. Inside, those in need can find dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meats, and other perishable food. It doesn't end there either. Canned goods and other nonperishable food items can be found just inside the breezeway there.

When is the food pantry open and who can use it?

The Holly Police Department food pantry is open 24/7 for anyone from anywhere to stop by and grab what you need.

If you need help or would like to donate, you can call the Holly Police Department at 248-634-8221.

Source: Holly Police Department and ABC 12

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