Giddy up! Horse racing could be making a return to Swartz Creek.

Horse racing came to a halt in 204 at Sports Creek Raceway, and the building has been empty since then. Reports now indicate Amwest and AmRace & Sports LLC announced plans on Thursday to buy the track pending approval from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. I think this is awesome. I love horse racing. I should clarify - I love betting on the ponies!

How do you you know what horse to bet on? Pick the one with a name you like (duh). That was always my method. Needless to say I have never hit big, but I really didn't wager a big amount of money. A couple bucks here and there. It's all in fun and I love the excitement of it all. People cheering and jumping up and down and drinking beer. What's not to love?

Will I be seeing you at the track if it does reopen?

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