Name-calling and booting guests in the middle of the night are not going to earn this Northern Michigan hotel positive reviews on Yelp. A hotel clerk from Hell calls a patron a "dumb Democrat" and a "piece of s--t" before evicting her family from the Crown Choice Inn & Suites in Mackinaw City.

What are the details?

Jennifer Biela posted the video (below) to Facebook after the altercation with the man behind the desk at the family-owned hotel.

She and her friend booked a two-night stay for themselves along with their five children over spring break. During their stay, they discovered that the toilet was overflowing.

"Around 11, my kids and I went to bed. Shortly after my son heard water and I discovered the toilet was overflowing and flooding the bathroom," Biela said.

She immediately called the front desk for help but was told that she needed to turn off the toilet's shutoff valve. Biela said the clerk became angry when she said she couldn't get to it because the bathroom was flooded.

"He then stated because I refused to shut the valve off, he was calling the police, pressing charges against me for malicious destruction of property, and told me to get my stuff and get out," she tells Newsweek.

The argument continued and the guest was told that since she rented the room, the overflowing toilet was her responsibility.

"You stop being an idiot and start thinking with your mind, OK?" the man tells her. "Stop being a Democrat—a dumb Democrat—and go to your room, pack your stuff and leave."

After the encounter, Biela and her friend left with their children for another hotel.

The aftermath

Along with the video, Biela posted to Facebook a copy of the police report which alleged malicious destruction of property. She also pointed out that the local prosecutor's office had dismissed all charges against her as "no malicious intent/willfulness/conduct identified."

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