Get ready for your free ice cream fix tomorrow!

Hudsonville Ice Cream in Holland created a glorious day in 2019 called "Pint Day." This ice cream-based holiday was created to celebrate Hudsonville Ice Cream's pint flavors. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 6th, Hudsonville wants to share their flavors with you...for free!

The Pint Day event will see Hudsonville Ice Cream giving away 25,000 free pints of ice cream to the public. To see how and when you can claim your free pint of ice cream, keep an eye on all of Hudsonville Ice Cream's social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We created Pint Day because there needed to be a holiday to celebrate this popular ice cream container, and the special flavors we make that are only available in a pint...Hosting a huge giveaway of 25,000 pints honors this holiday and gives us an opportunity to celebrate with our fans who continue to support Hudsonville after 95 years. Releasing new flavors is just the cherry on top of the celebration, and we hope our fans are just as excited as we are about these two highly requested, delicious flavors...said Rachel Messingschlager of Hudsonville Ice Cream.

After looking at the flavors of ice cream that Hudsonville offers, I want to try them all. Currently, they have a limited edition collection that includes a Malted Milk Ball flavor and a Cinnamon French Toast flavor. The Made in Michigan Ice Cream Collection also looks amazing with Traverse City Cherry Fudge, Blue Moon, Mackinac Island Fudge, and Super Scoop.

Source: MLive

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