Whether you're an all-out Christmas Grinch or you love the holiday, but just can't stand the music you can rest assured that you'll be ok at this place at least. 

I chuckled as I drove by, and the more I thought about it the more I realized this was a great idea. When I went back to get a picture, there was a man coming out of the building. He looked at me and we exchanged sly, amused, half-smile facial expressions and I could tell that he too thought this was a brilliant way to get people to consider stopping in.

I do not enjoy Christmas music either unless it's from the Hanson Christmas album from 1997 or one of the few funny holiday songs we play on our station. There are a couple cool remixes of songs that we use at my dance classes that I like too, but overall it's not my thing. I will lose my mind if I have to hear that damned Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You" song one more time. And don't even get me started on the most predator-esque Christmas song of all time "Baby It's Cold Outside". Check out the lyrics to that song and tell me it's not creepy. (Hey, it's cold outside, so stay here, have another drink. Oh don't mind me moving in closer, I know you said you the answer is no and that you must go, but I'm still going to keep pressuring you to stay at my house, simply because it's cold. And because I'm a creep. Since you keep saying no, I'm gonna make you feel guilty and then scare you into staying by saying that you could get pneumonia and die if you go into the cold weather.) That song gets me all fired up. I'm sorry. Deep breath, Andrea, deep breath.

The Burton Memorial Library on the corner of Center and Atherton roads promises us on the sign in front of the building that we will be safe from the sounds of Christmas. I have never wanted to go to a library so badly in my life! This holiday season, if you're out shopping for gifts, and need a break from the songs, there is at least one safe place that I know of that has got your back.

Andrea Love Townsquare Media
Andrea Love Townsquare Media

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