Yesterday Instagram announced plans to start using some sort of new machine learning technology that would detect bullying in captions and photos.

Online bullying is real and it's out of control. I'm so sick of hearing people say things like "bullies have been around forever" or "we need to stop coddling our kids, they need to toughen up." When we were kids, the bullying ended when we left school for the day. Kids are now bullied 24/7 because of social media and the constant connection. Imagine the pressure kids go through because of this.

According to WDIV, the tech can identify bullying tactics such as comparing, ranking and rating images and captions, such as a split-screen image in which a person is compared to someone else in a negative way.

This is awesome because apparently, it can detect bullying and harassments such as attacks on a person's appearance or character and threats to someone's well-being or health.

I'm not sure how it would handle simple arguments or heated discussions but it's a start in the right direction.