#OnlyInFlint Shows a Lot of WTF
If nothing else, living in Flint is unique and can be quite entertaining. Nothing really speaks to that point as well as the hashtag #OnlyInFlint does though. See for yourself.
Man Misses Out On Whale Sighting While Looking At Phone [VIDEO]
Look around you, do you see just the tops of heads? Chances are the answer is yes. We are glued to our phones. We have watched videos of people walking into fountains, falling and not to mention wreck vehicles while looking at their phones. Here we see a man who totally missed out on a giant whale sighting because he was texting.
Dude Pretends to be Psychic After Reading Stuff People Posted on Instagram [VIDEO]
I always warn people about the kind stuff they post on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And this guy is the reason why. Comedian, prankster, and YouTube filmmaker Jack Vale; he decided to go to a busy area in Irvine, California, and figured out how to find the most-recent stuff people nearby him posted publicly on Facebook and Twitter...

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