Five years ago Michigan fans like myself were ecstatic about the hire of Jim Harbaugh.

Looking back the program is clean without any violations and is better than it was with Brady Hoke as the coach. But Harbaugh's win-loss record in the first five years is very respectful at 47-18. Basically a 9-3 season every year. But that's just an ok type of record, not a great one. More is expected than just beating the teams that they should in the BIG TEN and against the top ten teams his record is just 1-9. Just cannot seem to win big games. Those are the facts.

He hasn’t beaten Ohio State, hasn’t won a Big Ten Championship title, appeared or won a College Football Playoff game or a National Championship. Now after losing their fourth straight bowl game against Alabama on New Year's day there now is a lot of talk going around and getting lit up on social media.


Also, having the third-highest salary in College Football behind Clemson's head coach Dabo Sweeny and Alabama's Nick Saban who have combined to win the last four National titles. Something has to happen and happen soon. It's not due to the lack of talent. That's when fingers start to point to the coach.

Who's got it better than us? A lot of other teams in the country coach.

Rant over.



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