What is the better Slipknot album - Iowa or Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses? There's no denying that Slipknot was on a creative hot streak early in their career and their second and third albums respectively were among the biggest records of the early 2000s. So this week, in Loudwire Nights' Chuck's Fight Club, we're turning to you to answer the debate of which is the better album.

Slipknot's return has fans buzzing, so what better time than now to settle a longtime debate concerning the band's recording history. Forget a sophomore slump. Iowa propelled Slipknot to new heights after an impressive debut record started turning heads. Their star-turning effort featured such standouts as "Left Behind," "My Plague," "The Heretic Anthem," "Disasterpiece" and "People = Shit" among others.

But on the other hand, Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses seemed to push them further into the public eye, with songs such as "Duality," "Before I Forget," "Vermillion," "Vermillion, Pt. 2" and "The Nameless" scoring their most airplay to date.

This week's Chuck's Fight Club gets underway on Monday's Loudwire Nights during the 8PM hour, with host Chuck Armstrong further making the debate for Iowa at 8PM during Tuesday's show and laying out the case for Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses during Wednesday's show at 8PM.  You will ultimately have the final say, registering your rankings through the week below. The winning album will be revealed during a segment at 8PM on Friday's Loudwire Nights episode.

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