Today's babe sometimes goes by the nickname Chewbacca, which makes sense because if we were with her we'd definitely be the one to "shoot first." That's a premature ejaculation joke just in case that was unclear.

Jocelyn Chew goes by the handle "Joce Chewbacca," which means she is almost certainly the inspiration for everyone's favorite wookiee. We haven't quite worked out the timeline for this, but the idea that George Lucas might have a time machine doesn't seem all that improbable.

Just think about how the Star Wars movies jump around in time -- the first trilogy takes place later than the second trilogy, then Force Awakens jumps ahead to after the first ones and then Rogue One splits the two trilogies, The Last Jedi brought us back up to date and Solo took us back to before Rogue One, and now Rise of Skywalker... ugh. It's enough to make your head spin, or you could just gaze upon Joce's fantastic body for a while. Yeah, do that.

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