Week two of the Banana Bad Golfers League is tonight.

Wednesday nights during the summer are the best nights! The Banana Bad Golfers League is back at it for the ninth year and is the biggest it has ever been. This sold-out season features over 70 teams, four divisions, two start times, and dollar beers!

It is no secret that I love golf and am unbelievably lucky to have been able to run this league for the last nine years. Every year is bigger than the last and we have an absolute blast at Swartz Creek Golf Course every week!

Even if you are not in the league, you can still come to join us for dollar beers, jello shots, prizes, and more. All the action starts at 3 pm with our 3 O'Clock Slot division. At 5:30 pm we are joined by the Left Ball, Right Ball, and Shaft divisions for more bad golfing and great drinking.

Congrats to the following contest winners from last week:

  • Longest Drive Winners:
    • DR from Couples Therapy
    • Ian Crane from Beers 'n Bogeys
    • Dirty Franks (not sure who, but good job.)
  • Closest to the Pin Winners:
    • Craig Kehoe from Tiger Would
    • Sean Dennison from Chris Monroe Owes Us Money
    • Jeff Williams from J&J
  • Other Winners:
    • Each week we have a number of other contests that sometimes put money in your pocket.
    • Congrats to Ian Crane, B&D, Dirty Birdies, Assistant Greens Keepers, We're Just Here to Drink, and a few more teams.

It is going to be a beautiful night tonight at Swartz Creek Golf Course so we will see you all there for week two this afternoon.

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