If you listen to my radio show on a regular basis, you'll hear me throw a shout out to the nerds that go to Kettering.  They really deserve it this time, as 6 of them ran 65 miles from Detroit to Flint to raise money for cancer research.

65 miles is a ridiculous amount to run.  Especially if you are a bunch of frat dudes on a Saturday morning.  But six Kettering nerds/bros ran that combined distance this past weekend, going from GM headquarters in Detroit all the way to their learning facility on the campus of Kettering University in Flint.   MLive ran the original story, quoted here

"Seniors Justin Syrowik, Mike Russell, Michael Boulter, Mike Rettler, Andrew Shumaker and freshman Jordan Syrowik braved the rain, wind and cool temperature starting at 7 a.m., each running about 12 miles before meeting up with fraternity members and other supporters near the campus’s bell tower shortly after 2:30 p.m."

Thumbs up nerds!  Even though none of you will stay in Flint after you graduate, you did us proud!