recently had Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn write an article about his favorite albums of 2013. One of the albums he names is from Flint's King 810, but in the process he disses the entire city. Find out what he had to say here.

Robb Flynn is a funny dude. He had us in stitches with his comments about Avenged Sevenfold's new album. He also writes a hell of a tune -- check out 'Halo' at the bottom of the page if you're unfamiliar with his work, that s--- rips! So we understand why a funny, talented and outspoken guy is the ideal choice to write an article for a website (and Robb, if you're reading this, you have an open invitation to write for anytime). Unfortunately, our city was the victim of his ridicule -- whether it was intentional or not -- in a piece he wrote for Metal Sucks.

King 810 is a band that has developed quite a reputation... and not just here in Flint. Their fans are often labeled as "violent" and "rowdy" and their shows have been known to get out of hand from time to time. The most well known incident being their show with The Contortionist's in Lansing that got so out of hand it was canceled before the headliner even hit the stage. While many were upset about that and blamed King 810 (we weren't there so we can't say for sure what happened), it wasn't all bad because they got signed to Roadrunner Records and also caught the attention of Robb Flynn.

Robb picked their 'Midwest Monsters' EP, which we have featured a few times on our local show the Flint Town Throwdown, as his fifth favorite album above heavy hitters like Black Sabbath and Rob Zombie. Robb said this of the band:

"I started hearing about this band after they started a small riot at a The Contortionist show. On Mayhem off-dates I’d ask kids, “Hey, what have you been listening to?” People started talking about them and what I remember most was the phrase, “They’re a--holes, but the record is really good!” There was something about that statement that I connected with very much. It reminded me of early Machine Head… yeah, we were banned from three clubs for fighting and we were a--holes, but we were pretty good."

It's always great to see a local band get noticed on a national level. This definitely isn't the last time you'll hear about King 810... well, maybe (we've heard rumors they might change their name). They are a kick ass band and the buzz is that they are about to blow up with their forthcoming album on Roadrunner. The downside of the praise they receive in this article is that it comes at the expense of more negative press for Flint. Robb continued:

"...the lyrical portraits that [the singer] paints of Flint, Michigan are truly terrifying. Look, I’ve been to Flint, Michigan twice. We played The Machine Shop and there’s nothing that really stood out, but after listening to this seven-song EP I’m not in a hurry to ever get back."

Granted, his statements are more based on (King 810 singer) Gunn's description of Flint, but the fact that nothing "sticks out" about Flint or The Machine Shop definitely put them in the minority of bands who've played there -- everybody loves the Shop! Mr. Flynn went on to say some very nice things about King 810, which is great. Actually, we wish more people would recognize some of the incredible bands we have to ourselves for the time being (Givensix, Mercy Beach, Autumn Coma, Ana... I could go on forever). We just hope he gives Flint another chance. It's not all as bad as the band's dark, gritty imagery would have you believe. Yes, there are very bad parts. But it's not everything we are. There are a lot of good people in Flint. There are also a ton of great places with positive energy -- The Machine Shop probably being the most positive of those (in this writer's opinion, anyway). Either way, it's not fair to judge a city based only on its dark side.

Machine Head are expected to release a new album in early 2014, their first since parting ways with Roadrunner -- a tidbit that gives their statements about King 810 even more validity. It would be tougher to believe it was just "label-mate fluffing," but that doesn't really seem like Machine Head's thing anyway.

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Machine Head - 'Halo'