Whatever your views are on wearing a mask, the bottom line is we can't go into any store, business, or restaurant right now without wearing one. So why not wear one that supports your favorite local music venue? That's right, you can now rock a Machine Shop face mask. I just tried mine on, and I can tell you - this is a quality mask. I can't believe they are only $7 dollars.

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It has been 7 long months of no Machine Shop shows. The venue will not be opening at only 20% capacity, so anything we can do to support the Shop in the meantime is super important. I have people ask me often what they can do to help, honestly the best thing you can do is buy Machine Shop gear. All of your T-shirt, hat, and mask purchases really do make a difference. It's a win, win - you are helping to keep the Shop alive, and looking damn good doing it.

I have said for countless years that I don't know what I would be doing for a night of music and fun, if it weren't for the Machine Shop. Now that I know, I can tell you I don't like it. Think of all the awesome shows we have been able to see. From local bands like Avalon Black, to Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown, The Cadillac Three, and of course the greatest band in the universe of all time ever - Ironsnake.

There is a band for everyone at the Shop, and there will be again. Until then, wear your Machine Shop mask, T-shirts, hats and any other Machine Shop merchandise to show your support.

The Machine Shop
The Machine Shop

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