Yesterday I was lucky enough to talk to Billy Bob Thornton and J.D. Andrew from the band 'The Boxmasters', and yes it is the Billy Bob Thornton you are thinking of. The band will be at the world famous Machine Shop on Friday, July 19th.

I am not even going to front, I was nervous to talk to BBT. Phone interviews are not my favorite because you can't see the persons face(s). I am happy to say, he did warm up to me after a few minutes of talking. As you will hear in the audio above, we spoke about the bands new album 'Speck' that just dropped on June 7th. I brought up the bands last two albums that I really like as well.

Toward the end of the interview you will hear Billy Bob Thornton stop me and say 'Maggie, I just have to tell you - you are the only interviewer that has brought up our other records.' He went on to say 'it's thrilling', and yes I totally died. You can hear my voice change a little after that - I was caught off guard by his comments, totally happy but surprised.

You can check out some tunes from the band below. The first one, is off of the new album called 'Here She Comes'. This is a song that has a Tom Petty feel to me. The next one is 'Emily' off of the album 'In Stereo' and below that is 'It Only Hurts When I Pee' off of 'Tea Surfing'.

Tickets for the show are still available, $30 in advance. VIP meet and greet packages are available as well. Don't miss this opportunity to see 'The Boxmasters' live a the Machine Shop. I can't wait!

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