Do you have any old lottery tickets laying around? You might want to check them, it may turn out to be a winner.

A guy in Connecticut was cleaning out his wallet and found an old Powerball ticket and when he checked the numbers online he was very pleasantly surprised to find out that his ticket matched all 5 numbers. The ticket turned out to be a winner worth a cool million dollars.

Banana photographer Barry Dingo also had this happen to him recently. When he checked an old lottery ticket and it turned out to be a $5,000 winner. Lottery tickets do have expiration dates on them. So check the old ones you have laying around. It might pay off for you.

This weeks Powerball jackpot is up to $282 million and the Mega Millions has climbed up to $470 million. The next Powerball drawing is Wednesday and the Mega Millions is Tuesday.


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