You just never know what you're going to see, especially when you make your way to the D. Cops are looking for a man who was spotted 'surfing' on top of a vehicle as it drove down the Lodge Freeway.

Metro Detroit News posted the video of the bizarre incident, and it's embedded below.

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The man appears to be restrained and somehow supported by several chains that keep him attached to the top of the sport utility vehicle. As the vehicle drives under several overpasses, it appears that there is very little clearance between the man's head and the bottom of those cement structures.

A Detroit police officer supposedly spotted the man but lost track of the vehicle when it hit the Lodge Freeway, according to Metro Detroit News.

Deadline Detroit's quip about the incident made me LOL:

"The most shocking thing about the video to any experienced Detroit driver should be that the driver used his turn signal."

At any rate, anyone with information about the driver of the SUV or the man who was 'roof surfing' is asked to contact Detroit police.

Our guess is that this person is just trying to become the next viral video sensation and conspired with the person who recorded the video. But this action comes at what cost? Have we gotten so addicted to attention that we're willing to risk our lives in order to go viral?

Take a look at the video below.

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