You may want to think twice before throwing out left over condiment packages from your vehicle. An Oregon man survived for five days by eating only Taco Bell Hot Sauce.

Since his story has gone viral, I would assume (and hope) that Taco Bell will be hooking up Jeremy Taylor with tacos for life. Taylor was trapped after his Toyota 4Runner reportedly got stuck in deep snow. Taylor did attempt to walk out, but the snow was too deep. Taylor kept warm by starting the vehicle from time to time and yes, surviving only on Taco Bell Hot Sauce.

Taylor was found this past Friday by a person on a snowmobile and was rescued shortly after. As you can imagine, he was hungry. No reports if his first meal was Taco Bell or not. I can't even imagine being trapped in the snow for five days. There is nothing in my car I could eat. I don't suppose a Bon Jovi CD tastes very good.

If you were trapped in your vehicle, what would you be eating?

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