A mid-Michigan man is lucky to be alive after blasting through cinder blocks lined along Durand Rd earlier this week. You heard that right, concrete blocks lined along the road.

According to ABC12, driver Cody Stutler shared a few photos (in the video below) he took after he crashed just before 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. He said he came up to the top of the hill and there was nothing he could do, no time to react so he just blasted into a concrete block which went flying a good 50 feet into the intersection.

Can you imagine just driving along and then out of nowhere the road is lined with cinder blocks? How freaking scary! This dude is seriously lucky to be alive and okay.

He said there was no way they could have fallen out of a truck or anything like that. I'm sure it was some stupid a-hole kids that thought it would be funny just like the kids last year who threw a rock over the overpass killing driver Kenneth White. Stuff like this just makes my blood boil.

Even though Stutler is lucky to be alive, he has extensive damage to his vehicle. With damage comes a bill and he's looking at like $3,500 in repair fees.