MILegalize, the group working to legalize a Michigan cannabis market in 2016, recently announced an extension of their campaign.

"For a variety of strategic reasons, MILegalize is extending its campaign," MILegalize Chair Jeffrey Hank said in a statement. “To avoid any potential challenges to the petition, MILegalize needs time to validate all the incoming petitions from volunteers between Dec. 21st and the New Year.”

"We don't want any supporter to be disenfranchised because their petition was not received by us prior to submission to the State,” Hank continued. “MILegalize has until June 1, 2016 to submit our petition for the November ballot. We are aware of the problems recently experienced by the prevailing wage petition, and are carefully validating every one of our signatures.”

Although the group suggests it is in a good financial position to see this campaign to fruition, there does appear to be some issues they need to work out in order to ensure its success.

An updated campaign strategy is expected to be released by the end of the month.

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