As you can tell by the headline, the latest series I've binge-watched has been MasterChef Junior. I have watched every season. But by far, this tiny upcoming chef is the cutest I have ever seen, and she's from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Her name is Lilo Tsai and she is just nine years old. Throughout her time on MasterChef Junior (I won't spoil when she goes home), she is full of sugar and spice. She wears bows in her hair, and even made luxury restaurant owner and the show's host, Gordon Ramsay, put a bow in his hair too.

What is MasterChef Junior?

If you're unfamiliar with the show, MasterChef Junior is a cooking competition show hosted by celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Daphne Oz. The show seeks out the top 12 junior chefs ages 8-13. It debuts on the Fox network but can be streamed on Hulu or Tubi TV.

Where Did Lilo Tsai Learn to Cook?

In the show, Lilo's foods are heavily inspired by her Asian culture. The first dish she ever debuts on the show she made Flying Noodles, yum.

According to Lilo, she started cooking when she was just five years old. Her parents are the owners of Godiako Japanese restaurant and an Asian market called Tsai Grocery.


According to Godiako's website they are a high-quality Japanese cuisine restaurant. They offer a wide variety of options on their menu like buns, rice bowls, sushi, and salads.

Clearly, the Tsais are doing something right, because Lilo wasn't their first kid to be featured on a big-time food-based TV show.

Their son, Nemo, was on the Kids Baking Championship on Food Network back in 2021.

You better believe next time I'm in Ann Arbor I'll be swinging by Godaiko to see what it's all about!

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