Metallica have always been amazing to their fans. The legendary metal band have filmed many meet and greets over the years, and we put together a compilation of fans living their dream and meeting the metal gods themselves.

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It may come as a surprise, but drummer Lars Ulrich is by far the most playful Metallica member at meet and greets. One fan gave Lars a piggyback ride while another couldn’t stop heaping praise upon the drummer, which Lars allowed with great flattery. He even signed one fan’s prosthetic leg and invited him to watch Metallica’s set from next to his drum kit.

As a sober man, one of James Hetfield’s principles is to be in service of others. You can see that ideal in action during meet-and-greets, as James gives each fan their moment. The frontman can be seen giving hugs to a crying woman who called him her “god,” while another fan got a one-of-a-kind photo of himself and Hetfield showing off their arm tattoos together.

Some fans have even jammed with Tallica backstage. The guys invited one Make a Wish Foundation kid to thrash with them backstage, with Kirk Hammett even giving the young fan pointers on how to slowly learn difficult guitar parts.

Metallica Treat Fans Like Family

Check out this compilation of Metallica treating fans like family in the Loud List below.

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