There's a lot of controversy surrounding some comments made by an assistant principal at Farmington Harrison High School about the school's cheerleader squad.

According to WDIV, during the school's pep rally, assistant principal Angela Leach made a comment saying the girls looked like strippers during their squad routine. She also said the routine was inappropriate.

The majority of the cheer squad is apparently black, and many parents view the comment as racial. Some parents view it as inappropriate, but not racial.

While I agree the comment was inappropriate for a pep rally, I don't see how some parents think it's a racial thing. Race has absolutely nothing to do with strippers at all. That makes no sense to me whatsoever.

The other day I saw a high school cheerleader squad doing a routine online. I couldn't believe it was high school girls doing the routine because it was very inappropriate. If it was my daughter up there, I would have felt very uncomfortable watching it.

I understand where the principle was coming from, she just should have chosen her words differently.

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