This sounds like an ABC After School Special or a Lifetime movie. A Michigan cheerleader is accused of buying votes for homecoming queen with pot brownies.

Reports indicate the unidentified 17-year-old cheerleader at Hartford High School allegedly took the pot brownies to school on September 26, 2018. Someone, I am guessing a student - told police the marijuana laced brownies were given to to the football team inside of goodie bags and the rest of the brownies were used to get votes for homecoming queen. Should she get any points for creativity, and more important - did she win?

As of now that is not known. What we do know is officers are waiting to talk to the girl and her mother when they come back from a trip. It makes you wonder if they will come back at all now?

Most of us are familiar with the saying you can't buy love. But - can you buy homecoming queen votes? I am guessing in high school, you sure can - especially with weed brownies.




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