Can you imagine sitting at a bar, eating your dinner and all of a sudden your bartender is talking over your food while not wearing a mask? I mean, that would be pretty gross if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic. Well, it's exactly what happened to a woman in Detroit recently.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the incident took place at  Detroit's Starter's Bar and Grill bar when a bartender refused to wear a face covering.

Customer, Andrea Williams:

My waitress was excellent she had on her mask the whole time, no problem. My only issue was the person talking over my food and as I noticed, that is why she got irate when I started recording. She was speaking over everybody's food.

When I asked her not to speak over my food, she began to just berate me and call me names and nobody was able to calm her.

She called me the b-word, I would say, about 20 times.

Apparently, at one point the bartender actually talked about fighting the woman.

It's pretty crazy how wearing a mask brings out the ugliest in people. I mean, I have never in my life seen so many adults acting like babies over something that is nothing more than an inconvenience. I guarantee multiple people will bash me just for writing this. It happens every time, but that's okay, I have pretty thick skin anymore.

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