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State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice says Michigan's students are falling behind because of the pandemic and he'd like to see the required number of school days extended next year. He's now calling on the legislature to make it happen.

Even before the Pandemic, Rice felt the current school year which consists of 180 days was simply not enough.

It makes sense to me, these kids have lost so much time in the classroom and in my opinion, they definitely need to make up for it. I've witnessed first hand the effects of at-home learning and it's not good. My 15-year-old went from being an A-B student to becoming a C-D student. I think it's partially because he's home alone during the school day and has too many distractions. Kids need to be in the classroom learning face to face, it's just that simple.

Detroit school board member Sherry Gay-Dagnogo:

We’re going to have to look at some creative ways of not just checking off a box for the number of days. We’re gonna have to make sure we extend the time for the purpose of competency and ensure our children are on the right level.

According to WDIV, Rice said the approach needs to be multi-layered. He also told the joint committee that in-person classes can resume this winter if the COVID cases remain flat and access to vaccines continues to rise.

Source: WDIV

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