The internet has been pretty dry of late, but two recent videos had me rolling. One features Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps' winning swim perfectly remixed with Super Mario Bros. SFX, and the other has auctioneers doing their thing over rap beats.

Rapping Auctioneers

While both of these videos were quite enjoyable, I've gotta give a slight edge to the rapping auctioneers. Mostly because I can't stop listening to it. Seriously, if I had a whole album's worth of this, I don't know if I'd every listen to anything else. Suck it, Kanye -- auctioneers are the hottest rappers out right now.


Super MariOlympic Bro

I'm not really into Olympic swimming, but if NBC overdubbed every match (meet? tourney?) with OG Super Mario Bros. sound effects -- I would never not watch.


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