Which counties in Michigan have the worst commute to work each day?

If you don't work from home, obviously you have to travel to get there somehow. Whether you drive your own car, carpool, walk, or use public transportation, some Michiganders have quite the drive to work every day. However, the counties with the longest commute might surprise you.

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Most people would think that the counties near bigger cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids would have a longer commute to the city. However, that is not exactly true. Regarding commute time for workers 16 years of age and up, several Mid-Michigan counties are near the top of the list.

Which Michigan county has the longest average commute time to work?

According to Stacker.com, the county with the longest average commute to work is Lapeer County. Based on 2021 data from the Census Bureau, the average commute to work for residents is 35.5 minutes. Part of the reason for the long travel time is that 55.2% of people living in Lapeer County work outside of the county.

Livingston County has the second longest commute to work with an average of 31.6 minutes of travel time. Similar to Lapeer County, 50.3% of Livingston County work outside of the county.

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Tuscola County residents are tied for fifth place with an average of 29.4 minutes of commute time. Shiawassee County comes in at #16 with 27.6 minutes. Finally, Genesee County ranks at #22 on the list with an average commute to work of 26.6 minutes.

Source: Stacker.com

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