This dangerous road hazard may not be what you think it is.

When it comes to Michigan, most people's first thought when talking about road hazards would be potholes. Even though the potholes are awful, they are not the dangerous road hazard we are talking about.

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Michigan is tied for third place with South Dakota when it comes to the ranking of states that you are most likely to hit an animal in. Yep. Michigan is one of the worst states in the nation to drive in when it comes to animals on the roadway. If you pay attention to the side of the road, especially this time of year, it really isn't that hard to believe.

The chances of hitting an animal while driving in Michigan and South Dakota is 1 in 51. That is a very high-risk level and equates to 1.96% of drivers that will hit an animal. The wildlife is abundant here and drivers have to constantly be on the lookout for deer, geese, squirrels, and so many more.

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To round out the top spots, Montana comes in at #2 with a 1 in 44 chance and West Virginia takes the #1 spot with a 1 in 35 chance of hitting an animal while driving. On the flip side, Nevada takes the #50 spot where drivers have a 1 in 698 chance of hitting an animal while driving.

When it comes to potholes, I would be willing to bet that Michigan is near the top of that list as well. I would also like to see the metrics of what causes more damage to cars in Michigan. Potholes or animals?

Source: Stacker

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