A driver in Westland was recently arrested after causing an accident involving five vehicles. The weird part of the story is what the driver did after he and his truck plowed through multiple vehicles at Wayne and Warren roads.

According to WDIV, after the crash, the driver got out of the pickup truck, stripped all his clothes off and started dancing in the street. After getting naked, the dude started yelling at police that he was fine and then tried to run away. He didn't get far before police caught him. No word yet why this weirdo was acting so strange. I'm going to guess that he was on drugs or had mental issues, maybe both.

Strangely enough, no one was seriously injured. An older lady was driving a tiny car that was smashed to nothing but even she walked away from the accident.

When hearing about this story, I could only picture this guy looking like Will Ferrel in Talladega Nights when he took his clothes off and started running freaking out after crashing his race car.