As the holiday season quickly approaches, Michigan is facing a crisis. The state is currently in a liquor shortage.

One of Michigan's three distribution agencies authorized to deliver alcohol throughout the state is dealing with major software issues. The Republic National Distributing Company has been dealing with the issue since it moved into its new warehouse in Livonia.

According to Fox Business, the software glitches have created such a backlog that the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has had to intervene.

"We are holding RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) accountable on how they plan to fix this situation for our licenses," Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chairman Pat Gagliardi said in a statement Friday. "It's our priority to ensure our licenses have their shelves stocked for the public, especially in advance of the holiday season."


The shortage has already impacted bars and restaurants in Michigan, forcing them to steer customers toward other brands, according to WDIV.



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